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Government Of Assam Judicial

Appointment of Government Advocates

All Govt. Advocates including Standing Counsel for the Govt. of Assam in the Supreme Court are appointed by the Judicial Department. Terms and Conditions including fees structure of the Govt. Advocates are formulated by Judicial Department. To be specific Judicial Department appoints the following Advocates on behalf of Govt. of Assam.

  • Advocate General and Addl. Advocate General of Gauhati High Court.
  • Administrative Control of the office of the Advocate General, Assam and the Govt. Advocate, Assam.
  • Senior Govt. Advocate/ Additional Sr. Govt. Advocates/ Junior Govt. Advocates/ Public Prosecutors/ Additional Public Prosecutor/ Panel Advocates etc. including their payment of fees and maintenance of the office of the Sr. Govt. Advocate, Assam.
  • Government Pleaders/ Assistant Government Pleaders/ Public Prosecutors/ Special Public Prosecutors/ Additional Public Prosecutor/ Additional Special Public Prosecutor and Assistant Public Prosecutor for conducting Govt. cases in the District and Subordinate Courts, including their payment of fees.
  • Standing Counsel, on behalf of the State of Assam for conduct of Govt. cases in the Supreme Court of India and payment of their fees.

However, Standing Counsel for a particular Govt. Department/ Establishment is not appointed by Judicial Department. In such cases, the Particular Govt. Deptt./ Establishment appoints Standing Counsel in consultation with Judicial Deptt.