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    Judicial Department was established in the year 1976 vide Appointment (B) Departments Notification No. ABM.23/67/60, dated 18.05.1976. It is located in Assam Secretariat, Block-E, Second Floor, Dispur, Guwahati-6. The business of the Judicial Department is transacted by the Legal Remembrancer-cum-Commissioner & Secretary (L.R.-cum-Commissioner & Secretary) and assisted by other officials of the department. Judicial Department is responsible for over all Administration of Justice in the State. It acts as the Administrative Department of Govt. of Assam in the sector of Administration of Justice. This Citizen Charter is prepared with a view to allow the clients to avail their services promptly.
    All administrative departments shall consult the Judicial Department on:

    • The construction of statutes, acts, regulations and statutory rules, orders and notifications.
    • Any general legal principles arising out of any case.
    • The institution or withdrawal of any prosecution at the instance of any administrative department.

    Every such reference shall be accompanied by an accurate statement of the facts of the case and the point or points on which the advice of the Judicial Department is desired.


    Facilitating Administration of Justice that ensures easy access and timely delivery of Justice to the litigants in Assam.


    Ensuring adequacy of subordinate Courts and Judges/ Judicial Officers therein, Govt. Advocates /Govt. Pleaders / Public prosecutors, Notary Public, modernization of Court and procedures, implementation of policies for Judicial reforms towards improved Justice delivery system


    • Establishment matters of officers of Assam Judicial Service / Legal Service.
    • Legal views on any matter referred to by other Administrative Departments.
    • Preparation of budget.
    • Proposal for Creation and Retention of the posts submitted by the High Court as well as Subordinate Courts.
    • Matter relating to appointment of Advocate General/ Addl, Advocate General.
    • Matter relating to appointment of Govt. Pleaders and Public Prosecutors for conducting Govt. cases in the district and subordinate Courts and payment of fees.
    • Matter relating to appointment of Govt. Advocates in the High Court, payment of their fees and maintenance of the office of the Sr. Govt. Advocate, Assam.
    • Matters relating to conduct of Govt. cases in Supreme Court and payment of Advocate fees.
    • To maintain liaison between the High Court and the Govt. in matters as prescribed in the Constitution.
    • Service matters relating to the Assam Judicial, Legal Service, Presiding Officers, Labour Court and different Tribunals.
    • Administrative Control of the office of the Advocate General, Assam and the Govt. Advocate, Assam.


    • The Advocate General, Assam.
    • The Registrar General, Gauhati High Court, Guwahati.
    • Subordinate Judiciary (Dist. & Sessions Judge / CJM / SDJM(M) / Family Courts / Industrial Tribunals /Labour Court / Motor Accident Claims Tribunal / TADA Court / Court of Special Judge, CBI).
    • The Sr. Govt. Advocate, Assam, Gauhati High Court, Guwahati.
    • The Sr. Govt. Advocate, Assam – Central Administrative Tribunal, Guwahati Branch.
    • The Sr. Govt. Advocate, Assam – Assam Administrative Tribunal, Guwahati.
    • The Director, Law Research Institute, Gauhati High Court, Guwahati.
    • National Law University & Judicial Academy. Guwahati.
    • All Departments, Govt. of Assam.
    • All Citizens.


    Sl. No.DesignationAddress
    1Legal Remembrancer-cum-Commissioner & Secretary (From Judicial Service)Assam Secretariat, ‘E’ Block, 2nd Floor, Dispur Guwahati – 6.
    2Joint L.R. & Joint Secretary (1 No.) (Legal Service)-do-
    3Joint Secretary (1 No.) (Legal Service)-do-
    4Deputy L.R. & Dy Secretary (1 No.) (Legal Service)-do-
    5Deputy Secretary (1 No.) (Judicial Service)-do-
    6L.A. to L.R. & Under Secretary (1 No.) (Legal Service)-do-
    7Librarian (1 No.)-do-
    8Other supporting staff, i.e. – Superintendent, Senior Administrative Assistants, Junior Administrative Assistants, Computer Operators, Peons are posted by the Secretariat Administrative Department.-do-


    Our aim is to achieve the following service delivery / quality parameters

    Sl.ServicesConditionsTime line / flowOfficerFeeRemarks
    1Issuance of Notification of appointmenta) APSC List/High Court List : After receipt of the selection list of Gauhati High Court / APSC for appointment of candidate of Assam Judicial Service / Legal Service, necessary procedure will be followed for issuance of Notification for appointment of candidate(s) in the Cadre of Grade-III of Assam Judicial Service as well as Grade-IV of Assam Legal Service.10 (ten) daysL.R-cum-Commissione & Secretary / Joint Secretary  
      b) Call for Police Verification Report for appointment of the candidate.5 daysL.R. & Secretary / Joint Secretary/ Deputy Secretary  
      c) Proposal received from the concerned authorities in proper format / procedure matter received be moved to concerned referral Deptt.10 days-Do -  
      d) Proposal for sanction of renewal retention received in proper formats15 days-Do -  
      e) Proposal for issuance of permanent retention10 days-Do -  
      a) Vetting of the Draft Affidavit/Cabinet Memorandum submitted by various Administrative Deptts.5 to 10 days-Do-  
    2Sending Pension paper to Accountant General (A & E), Assam1)Application / proposal, 2) Form No. 1, Annexure-II, 3) Form No. 1A, 4) Form No. 2, 5) Form No. 19, 6) Consent letter, 7) Specimen Signature, 8) Form-A, 9) Form-I, 10) No Demand Certificate from State Officer, 11) Loan, Govt. Loan, Clearance Certificate, 12) Join Photographs with spouse, 13) L.P.C., 14) GPF/GIS.10 daysL.R & Secretary / Joint Secretary / Deputy Secretary  
    3Tendering Legal Viewsa) Proposal for tendering the Legal Views / Opinion from the concerned referral Deptts. for certain matters.
    i) Copy of the Judgement / Order of Courts
    ii) Copy of D.P. / Charge sheet / Copy of Judgement of the Court.
    iii) Copy of Rules thereon.
    Will depend on the gravity of the matter 10 (ten) days/ one months.L.R. & Secretary / Joint Secretary / Deputy Secretary  
    4Issuing sanction for professional fee billsa) Proposal from the concerned D.D.Os.
    b) Availability of Budget.
    c) Scrutiny of bills for sanction.
    d) Issuance of sanctioning orders.
    30 daysL.R. & Secretary / Joint Secretary / Deputy Secretary  
    5Issuing of Advocates appointmenta) Priority List.
    b) Penal from the concerned Deputy Commissioner.
    c) Issue of Notification.
    7 days   
    6Issuing of sanction for Infrastructure development for subordinate judiciary as well as Gauhati High Court.a) Proposal from Gauhati High Court / PWD.
    b) Issuance of Administrative Approval.
    c) Tendering by PWD.
    d) Proposal from PWD for demand.
    e) Approval of P & D / Finance Deptt. for sanction.
    f) Financial Sanction.
    g) Issue of F.O.C.
    30 days

    Depend on P & D and Finance Deptts. 10 days
    L.R. & Secretary / Joint Secretary / Deputy Secretary

    -Do -
    -Do -
    7Issue of Ceilinga) After received of approval from Finance Deptt.
    b) Issue of ceiling for payment
    7 daysJoint L.R.  
    8Issue of Certificate of Practice of Notariesa) Proposal from concerned District & Sessions Judge / Presiding Officer of all Courts / Tribunals.
    b) Verification of documents
    c) Interview / Selection
    d) Approval of Hon’ble Minister
    e) Issue of Notification
    f) Issue of Certificate of Practice of Notaries after received of prescribed format alongwith Draft.
    Depend on the decision of the Selection Committee / Board

    7 days
    L.R. & Secretary / Joint SecretaryRs. 2000/- 
    9Issue of renewal of Practice of NotariesReceived of application for renewal of Certificate of Practice alongwith prescribed fee Rs. 1000/-10 days or before the expiry of prescribed term which ever is later.L.R. & Secretary / Joint SecretaryRs. 1000/- 
    10Payment of Medical re-imbursement of BillsProposal from the concerned DDOs alongwith a) Referral Medical Board’s Certificate (RMBC), b) Approval of DHS, Assam, c) Admissibility Report from DHS, Assam / Jt. Director of Health Services etc., d) Essentiality Certificate duly signed by AMA, e) Original Bills / Vouchers signed by AMA.30 daysL.R. & Secretary / Deputy Secretary  
    11Uploading of Acts / rules / OMs / Circulars etc.Will be transmitted to NIC for uploadingNext working dayConcerned issuing officer.  
    12Updating of website Once in every week.Concerned issuing officer.  
    13Issuance of Information under RTI Acta) Application.
    b) BPL certificate for free service
    30 daysSPIO / Joint L.R. & Joint Secretary10/-Rs. 2/- per page. 


    Forms for application of Certificate of Practice of Notary / Renewal may be obtained from the Notaries Rules 1956 (Amended 2009) as uploaded in website/NIC.


    Shri M. R. Barbhuiya
    Joint Secretary to the Govt. of Assam,
    Judicial Department
    Mobile – 98640 33156


    Courteous and helpful service will be extended by all the staff. If you have any complaints to make in the delivery of the above standards you are welcome to register your complaints with the following officers.

    Shri M. R. Barbhuiya, Joint Secretary to the Govt. of Assam,
    Judicial Department, Dispur, Guwahati-6.

    Grievances may be lodged at e-mail:judicialdepttassam@gmail.com

    If not satisfied citizen may approach :

    Name and Designation of the officerAddress for correspondenceTelephone / Fax /e-mail
    Shri Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, L.R.-cum-Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Judicial DepartmentJudicial Department, Block 'E', 2nd Floor, Assam Secretariat, Dispur, Guwahati-6.0361-2237294 (O)


    All complaints will be acknowledged by us within 3 (three) working days and final reply on the action taken will be communicated within 15 (fifteen) working days.


    We welcome suggestions from our users. Suggestion may be addressed to Shri P. Saikia, L.R. & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Judicial Department, Dispur, Guwahati-6.


    Based on experience gathered and suggestions received, this Charter will be reviewed once in a year. Any suggestion in this regard may be sent to Shri P. Saikia, L.R. & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Judicial Department, Dispur, Guwahati-6.


    • Please cooperate with us in maintaining cleanliness of the office premises.
    • Please cooperate with us to serve you better and maintaining a good and working environment in the office.
    • While submitting proposals / applications, please ensure that all relevant documents / information is submitted.

    “If you are not happy with our service, please tell us. If you are happy, tell others.”