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Government Of Assam Judicial

What We Do

  • VISION :

    Facilitating Administration of Justice that ensures easy access and timely delivery of Justice to the litigants in Assam


    Ensuring adequacy of subordinate Courts and Judges/ Judicial Officers therein, Govt. Advocates /Govt. Pleaders / Public prosecutors, Notary Public, modernization of Court and procedures, implementation of policies for Judicial reforms towards improved Justice delivery system


    • Establishment matters of officers of Assam Judicial Service / Legal Service.
    • Legal views on any matter referred to by other Administrative Departments.
    • Preparation of budget
    • Proposal for Creation and Retention of the posts submitted by the High Court as well as Subordinate Courts
    • Matter relating to appointment of Advocate General/ Addl, Advocate General
    • Matter relating to appointment of Govt. Pleaders and Public Prosecutors for conducting Govt. cases in the district and subordinate Courts and payment of fees.
    • Matter relating to appointment of Govt. Advocates in the High Court, payment of their fees and maintenance of the office of the Sr. Govt. Advocate, Assam
    • Matters relating to conduct of Govt. cases in Supreme Court and payment of Advocate fees
    • To maintain liaison between the High Court and the Govt. in matters as prescribed in the Constitution
    • Service matters relating to the Assam Judicial, Legal Service, Presiding Officers, Labour Court and different Tribunals.
    • Administrative Control of the office of the Advocate General, Assam and the Govt. Advocate, Assam