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  • Sl. NoParticularAmountA.A No. & date
    1.     Construction of  RCC 3 (three) storied provision additional Judicial Court             building at Dhemaji.` 1,63,93,000.00No. JDJ.13012/4/2017-ESTT-JUDI/4, dated 12-06-2017
    2.     Construction of Judicial Court Building  at Dhubri Assam RCC framed structure (provision of G+5)` 42,24,36,500.00No. JDJ.1302/2/2017-ESTT-JUDI/3, Dtd 15-06-2017
    3.     Construction of Judicial Court Building at Gohpur,  Sonitpur District, Assam (G+1) with future provision G+3).` 15,68,87,000.00No. JDJ.435/2015/19  Dtd, 13-06-2017
    4.     Construction of  3rd & 4th floor in the new RCC Judicial Court Building under               construction at Silchar, Cachar. ` 9,78,32,768.00No. JDJ.1302/5/2017-ESTT-JUDI/2            Dtd. 14-06-2017
    5.     Construction of Grade-II and Grade-III Judicial Officers Qtr (RCC-G+3) at Hailakandi.` 3,43,61,000.00No. JDJ.1302/5/2017-ESTT-JUDI/3 Dtd. 14-06-2017
    6.     Construction of Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Building (RCC three storied building with five storied provision) at Darrang, Mangaldoi.` 8,45,50,000.00 No. JDJ.436/2015/4  Dtd. 19-06-2017
    7.     Construction of  two storied RCC Building for the Judicial Court Building of the             SDJM & brick boundary wall at Lakhipur at Cachar District.` 3,11,48,885.00No. JDJ.526/2016/2  dtd. 14-06-2017
    8.    Construction of  single storied RCC building (three stroied foundation provision) for the Grade-III Judicial Officers Quarter (twin type) of the SDJM & brick     boundary wall at Lakhipur (Pailapool) of Cachar District.`    86,09,343.00No. JDJ.526/2016/3  Dtd. 14-06-2013
    Sl. NoParticularAmountA.A No. & date
    1.      Installation of air conditioner in the Court and Chambers of Judicial Officers under Hailakandi District in the State of Assam [(1) For Courts and Chambers of District & Sessions Judge Office and (2) For court and chambers of the CJM's office complex].` 24,55,995.00 No. JDJ.495/2016/28 dtd 3-11-2016
    2.      “Installation Air Conditioners in the Courts and Chambers of Judicial Officers in             Cachar District”.` 51,12,500.00 No. JDJ.495/2016/29 dtd 3-11-2016
    3.      Installation  of 100 KVA Sub station alongwith H.T line and installation of Air conditioner Machine in the Courts and Chambers of the Judicial Officers at Family Court, Kamrup (M), Guwahati.`22,94,251.00 
    4.      Providing Air conditioner and other important lighting arrangement to Sub Divisional Judicial Court at Dhakuakhana, Dist- Lakhimpur` 19,12,387.00 
    5.    Installation of Air Conditioner in the Courts and Chambers of the Judicial Officers in Chief Judicial Magistrate Court at Karimganj District ( for 5 nos. of Courts including electrical installation etc.)` 16,20,600.00  
    6.    Providing air conditioners in the courts of Additional District  & Sessions Judge, (FTC), Sub divisional Judicial Magistrate, Judicial Magistrate & Munsiff Court at Rangia, ` 17,56,787.00 No. JDJ.495/2016/35 dtd 3-11-2016
    7.    Providing Installation of A.C. Machine to the Court and Chamber and 250 KVA Sub station for District & Sessions Judge Complex, Kamrup (Metro) at Panbazar, Guwahati1.`56,98,541.00No. JDJ.495/2016/36 dtd 3-11-2016
    8.    Providing & Installation of Air conditioner in the ground floor and second floor Lakhimpur Judicial Court Building at North Lakhimpur.` 29,12,908.00No. JDJ.495/2016/40 dtd 3-11-2016
    9.    Providing Air conditioner in Judicial Curt Buildings at Nagaon District  Supplying and installation of split type Air conditioner to multi-storied Judicial Court building at Nagaon including up-gradation of existing Transformer, Panel Board, UG. Cable .` 50,94,000.00 No. JDJ.495/2016/41   dtd 3-11-2016
    10.    Installation of Air conditioner in the Court and Chamber of Judicial Officer at    District & Session Judges, Nalbari (providing A.C. Machine, Laying of cable, Panel Board etc)` 20,87,190.00 No. JDJ.495/2016/43   dtd 3-11-2016
    11.   Installation of Air conditioners in the  Courts and Chambers of Judicial Officers Assam (Installation of Air conditioners in the Courts and Chambers of Judicial Officers at Judicial Court Building Dibrugarh)`23,20,300.00 No. JDJ.495/2016/46  dtd 3-11-2016
    12.   Installation of AC to the various Courts of District & Sessions Judge Court Campus including of two no. 250 KVA Transformer & Installation of Campus Light / Gate Light / Garden Light to the District & Sessions Judge Court Campus at Barguri, Tinsukia.` 77,57,813.00 No. JDJ.495/2016/47
    13.   Installation of Air Conditioner in the Court & Chamber of Judicial Officers and             residence of the District & Sessions Judge Assam at Sivasagar District.`26,09,170.00 No. JDJ.495/2016/48
    14.   Installation of inbuilt Fire hydrant system of District & Session Jude Complex, Sonitpur, Tezpur (civil works)  and  Installation of inbuilt Fire hydrant system of District & Session Jude Complex, Sonitpur, Tezpur.(Electrical)` 98,43,205.00 No. JDJ.20/2017/7 dtd. 25-01-2017
    15.   Installation of inbuilt fire hydrant system of District & Session Judge Complex, Darrang, Mangaldoi (Civil Works) and  Installation of inbuilt fire Hydrant System and 63 KVA Substation at the District & Session Judge Court Complex at Mangaldoi (Electrical Works).` 90,10,278.00 No. JDJ.20/2017/8 dtd 25-01-2017
    16.   Construction of RCC staging with deep tube well, construction of parking shed,      painting & repairing of boundary wall & supplying and installation of water treatment plant at MACT, Ulubari, Guwahati.`  32,92,700.00 No. JDJ.20/2017/9
    17.    Installation of inbuilt fire hydrant system comprising the CJM Court and District & Sessions Judge,s building at Morigaon (2)   Installation of inbuilt fire hydrant system comprising the CJM Court and District & Sessions Judge,s building at Morigaon (Electrical)` 89,56,742.00No. JDJ.20/2017/14    dtd 15-02-2017
    18.    Construction of Cement concrete Block approach road at Judicial Court Building Campus, construction of Cycle shed, improvement & Renovation of Judicial Court Building at Bhalukdubi, Goalpara.` 84,92,700.00No. JDJ.494/2016/18 dtd. 17-11-2016
    19.    Providing and installation of Fire Alram Detector System and refilling the existing Fire Extinguishers installed within the campus of District & Sessions Judge, Kamrup (M)` 26,57,414.00 No. JDJ.494/2016/25 dtd 17-11-2016
    20.    Installation of 250 KVA transformer  including HT  and LT line at Sub divisional Judicial Court Building at Sankar Dev Nagar, Hojai.` 24,65,179.00 No. JDJ.494/2016/31 dtd 17-11-2016
    21.    Vertical extension of the District Judiciary Building at Udalguri District B.T.A.D, Assam.` 67,36,000.00 No. JDJ.494/2016/36 dtd 17-11-2016
    22.    Providing CCTV Coverage to the District & Sessions Jude Court Complex and Chief Judicial Magistrate, Kamrup (M), Guwahati (supply, installation, testing, commissioning of IP Based CCTV System)` 56,47,141.00No. JDJ.494/2016/39 dtd 17-11-2016
    23.    Extension of PP / APP Room, Garrage, construction of Flag Hosting platform in the 1st floor, Construction of front office and  Generator shed, at Judicial Court Building, Bhalukdubi, Goalpara.` 56,62,300.00No. JDJ.494/2016/40 dtd 17-11-2016
    24.    Roof changing (providing Dynaroof for the Assam type building within the campus of District & Sessions Judge Court complex Kamrup (M )  including necessary portion wood work and ceiling.` 21,33,600.00No. JDJ.494/2016/43  dtd 17-11-2016
    25.    Providing outside painting and replacement of broken glass panes of the windows & ventilators of the Gauhati High Court, New Block at Panbazar, Guwahati-1.` 47,69,719.00 No. JDJ.596/2016/14 dtd 20-01-2017
    26.    Repair / Renovation of the Court building office District & Sessions Judge at Kokrajhar including replacing of GCI sheet by PPGI Dyna roof sheet and Tiles flooring.` 48,05,141.00No. JDJ.596/2016/17 dtd 20-01-2017
    27.    Comprehensive Annual Maintenance contract and running  & operation of Central Air conditioning plan including 10 nos non ductable split type AC machine in the Gauhati High Court, New Blok (w.e.f. 17/05/2016 to 16/05/2017= 12 month).` 29,55,613.00 No. JDJ.138/2016/4   dtd 5-12-2016
    28.    Renovation of Gauhati High Court old block (painting of inside corridor, rooms etc)` 42,45,200.00No. JDJ.395/2016/11 dtd 9-11-2016
    29.    including electrical works with AC for proposed Judicial Court at Chirang, Kajalgaon, BTC, Assam.` 25,41,000.00No. JDJ.401/2016/50 dtd 29-11-2016
    30.  Providing roof treatment for prevention of leakage of works at Gauhati High court             (newblock)Guwahati (Treatment of roof for block B)` 42,97,300.00 No. JDJ.401/2016/53  dtd 29-11-2016
    31.  Construction of reception counter, iron grill & collapsible gate, record room and concrete road at Udalguri District & Sessions Judge Court in Udalguri District (BTAD) Assam.` 42,02,100.00 No. JDJ.401/2016/54 dtd 29-11-2016
    32.  Repair / Renovation works in the residential bunglow of Hon'ble the Chief Justice (Bunglow no. 1 at M. G. Road, Guwahati) (construction of half brick wall alongwith grill on both side of the inner approach road from gate no. 1 to gate no 2 & tiles fittings)` 42,73,000.00 No. JDJ.395/2016/17 dtd 9-11-2016