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LR’s Library

The Library is to day considered as information dissemination Centre and the role of the Librarian has been changed from the role of custodian to information Scientist. Legal Remembrancer's Library in on of the most ancient Library of Assam. It is a departmental Library and the present department is Judicial Department. So all the reading materials are related with Legal Matter. Where the whole collection of books are related with one subject i.e. called Special Library. In this point of view an Library is a Special Library.

Our Library is basically a reference Library and the books are not issued out. The L.R's Library has very rich collection of books and these are divided into three major division.

◦ The Legislative Division
◦ The Judicial material including periodicals, Periodicals are the backbone of the Law Library.
◦ Text books.

There are the collection of books since hundred year ago. At present there are more than 2000 central Acts & Rules. 400 Hundred local Acts with all amendment and about 400 local Rules. Govt. circulars and Notification.

All these are required at any moment when the files are coming from different Govt. department for obtaining Legal View and opinion from the Hon'ble L.R. Nature of work of parent department is to offer. Legal view of to other Govt. Department.